Ragtime Ragtime is a 70’s Children’s TV show which was written and directed by Michael Cole and in 1973 it won the BAFTA award for the best children's programme. The Music was by Peter Gosling.      Story  Ragtime featured a whole host of weird and wonderful characters that all emerged from the Ragtime bag.  There was a host of wooden spoons with names like Mr Porridge, Mr Curry, Mr Jelly, Miss Sponge, Mrs Custard and Mrs Ragamuffin, then there was Humbug the sock puppet, Dachs the Dog and Bubble, a rhyming cushion-like character.  The programme was presented by Fred Harris and Maggie Henderson and included poems, stories and songs.  Ragtime - Childrens TV - Humbug Ragtime - Childrens TV - The Spoon Family Ragtime - Childrens TV - The Ragtime Bag Ragtime Images (click to enlarge) Ragtime T-Shirts - NONE Ragtime DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - NONE Region 1 (USA) - NONE Ragtime Video Ragtime - Childrens TV - Some Of The Puppets Ragtime Episodes NO VIDEO...YET © JedisParadise.com
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