Insektors Insektors is a 90’s Children’s TV computer generated cartoon, which follows a character called Flynn who was found as a baby by the Verigreens and raised as their own. The Verigreens live in a beautiful place full of enormous flowers and colour.  But all is not not well in this wonderful place, because nearby lives a group called the Kruds.  They live underground in a place where everything is brown and no one laughs or has fun.  They especially don't like the Verigreens with all their flowers and colours and their main aim is to cut down all the flowers and turn them all into Kruds.     The leader of the Kruds is Queen Catheter would leaves the task of destroying the Verigreens and their home to Draffsack, who is the leader of her army. But the Kruds are stopped most of the time by Flynn and his friends - Alex, Bentley and Godfrey.  But they have an ally in the form of the Prince of the Kruds (Son of Queen Catheter) - Max.  He is bored of the life in Krud and thinks that the Verigreens are great.  Each time he escapes to the Verigreens, Draffsack sends Wasabi (the General of the Army) and his soldiers out to bring him back using some of the great inventions made by Sinapse.     But Flynn is not what he seems and to his horror finds out that he is in-fact a Krud.  His father was the Chief inventor to the Kruds and became disillusioned with their lifestyle and decided to defect to the Verigreens.  But Draffsack stopped him and left him to die in a cavern beneath Krud, where a rockfall sealed him in! Insektors - The Kruds Attack Insektors T-Shirts - NONE Insektors DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - NONE Region 1 (USA) - NONE Insektors Video Intro
Insektors Episodes Series 1 (1994)  1. The Musical Colour Gun  2. Flowers For Catheter  3. Frogbucket  4. The Rescue  5. The Escape  6. The Black Planet  7. The Daffodil Collector  8. The Mechanical Digger  9. The Prince Of Rock  10. The Weather Forecast  11. Close Encounters  12. The Diplomatic Bridge  13. Godfrey's Secret   Series 2 (1995)  1. Krud Confessions  2. Sick At Heart  3. If Chickens Could Fly  4. The Cage  5. Athletics  6. Comet  7. Ruling Classes  8. Accused  9. Epidemic  10. The Cure  11. Sparkie And Co  12. A Spectre Calls  13. The Cave Insektors - Kruds Insektors - Frogbuckets Insektors - Elmo Insektors - Flynn And Peg Insektors - Draffsack Isn't Happy Insektors - The Home Of The Verigreens Insektors - Alex Digs Insektors - Alex And Flynn Insektors - Verigreens Insektors - Flynn Is In Trouble Insektors - Intro Insektors Images (click to enlarge) Insektors - The Mechanical Digger Insektors - The Frogbuckets Attack Insektors - Bentley Insektors - Draffsack Insektors - Flynn Insektors - Godfrey Insektors - Queen Catheter Insektors - Sinapse Insektors - Wasabi Insektors - Alex ©
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