Batfink Batfink is a 60’s children’s TV cartoon created by Hal Seeger Productions. 100 five minute episodes of Batfink were made. As you can probably tell it was loosely based on Batman (the cave, the hot line, the chief etc), but it had its own dry sense of humour, which is one of the reasons it is still loved today (it reminds me of the humour in Roger Ramjet). Hal Seeger hired a number of animators for the show (mostly friends), but they made use of a technique that a lot of animation studios employed. This was to reuse frames of animation to cut costs (eg. the Battleac leaving the cave, The Chief on the Hot Line etc). Batfink and Hugo A Go-Go was voiced by a former game show host Frank Buxton. Karate and the Chief was voiced by Len Maxwell, but both of them played other characters throughout the show. Each episode was split into two chunks, with a cliffhanger two thirds of the way through, which was great as you would have an American voice shout out something like - 'Oh No!, how will Batfink escape from this, surely its the end for him'. Does he escape? Of course he does! Batfink stayed on the air until the early 80's, when it disappeared totally from our TV schedules. But in 2004, he has returned with avengeance and has appeared on a number of shows around the world, which have included the UK series 'Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow. At least this means that a new generation of children have been introduced to the show and the grown up kids can reminisce about it. Several of Hal's other sons and daughters carry on the family legacy with credits as writers or actors. Production Supervisor: Len Bird Animation: Myron Waldman / Bill Ackerman / John Gentilella / James Tyer / I. Klien / Graham Place + others Scenics: Bob Owen Voices: Len Maxwell and Frank Buxton Story: Heywood Kling / Dennis Marks Produced and Directed by Hal Seeger Story Batfink is a super hero bat.  He used to live in an abandoned plutonium mine with his mother, as a result of exposure to the plutonium, he gained superpowers. Two greedy prospectors dynamited the mine in search for riches. Batfink had to use his superpowers to save his mother, but in the act his wings were crushed. Luckily a young Japanese boy called Karate had spotted what had happened. He took him to see his father, who was a blacksmith, who crafted him a set of new wings made out of steel. Because of this bullets cannot harm him, because his wings are like a shield of steel.  Batfink and Karate (a karate champ) made a promise to Batfink's Mother that they would use their combined power and skills to fight crime. Batfink's main Nemesis's is Hugo A Go Go, who tries to defeat Batfink at every opportunity. Batfink Characters Batfink He's a crime fighter, with wings of steel, which is a surprise really as he can still fly using them. I thought he'd never get off the ground with those babies! He lives in his split level cave with his capable assistant Karate and hangs upside down from the ceiling when he sleeps. Batfink uses his Super Sonic Sonar Radar, which are literally a couple of words (Beep) that come out of his mouth.  They would: - seek out things and return to Batfink to tell him what they had found out! - confuse people - move objects    He also has retro rockets built in to his wings of steel. These help him to land safely if he is knocked unconscious. Also he has a Thunder Gun and an inflatable Batfink suit (which he always carries two of). Batfink likes to say a number of phrases: - 'I'll be there before you can say...' - 'Your Bullets cannot harm me, my wings are like a shield of steel' Karate He is Batfink's buck toothed sidekick and drives him around in the Bat- el-ac Car, which looks like a converted VW Beetle with a sun roof (its pink too). Not only that, but from the outside it looks like Karate is really cramped up in the car, but inside it looks massive. It must be magic! He's of Japanese origin and if he wants to get maximum power with his karate chops, then he puts on his brass knuckles to do the job. He uses his hands to chop anything, chopping up food, cutting cards (into two pieces) etc. He has a nasty habit of smashing down doors to save Batfink, only to find out that he has smashed the door on top of Batfink (I suppose he's his flat mate). The Chief He calls Batfink on the Hot Line to ask him for his help. Hugo A GoGo He's a mad Scientist and he lives in an Observatory and Batfink's number one nemesis. He worked out Batfink's weakness straight away and used a giant magnate to pin him down (Clever Eh?). His main goal is to rob banks of all their money. Hugo A GoGo has created Robot Knights. Ebenezer the Freezer He likes going around freezing people with his Freezing Gas. The Sonic Boomer He flies his plane really low and the Sonic Boom of the plane breaks everyones windows. Does he do it for fun? Yes...and for money, as he runs the local Glass company. Business hasn't been better. Big Ears Ernie He has enormous ears that can help him decipher the clicks on a safe and detect when a squad car is on its was for him. Even Batfink cannot creep up on him. But he has one weakness, he can't stand the noise that Batfink's wings make if he hits them. Manhole Manny He lives down in the sewers and comes up to steal items. Mr Flick He is a master of the moving image. He can project images in ingenious ways to give the appearance that things are real (eg. Lions), which can scare people, so allowing him to rob places. Skinny Minnie and Gang Skinny Minnie is in charge of a gang consisting of Boney Mahoney, Diet Wyatt and Scrawny Arnie. They are all painfully thin and can fit through the tightest of gaps. Which is really useful to steal Mail and squeeze into security trucks. Its also useful when hiding from Batfink. Fatman He's not really fat. He disguises himself as a fat man, to enter Fat Man only clubs and steal their valuables. But how does he get into the clubs? That's easy, he uses an inflatable suit, to make him look fat. He also drives a very nice sports car, that shoots around the place :) Batfink - Titles Batfink Images (click to enlarge) Batfink - Good Job Batfink Batfink - The Chief Batfink Batfink T-Shirts T-Shirts (Europe) - Batfink T-Shirts Batfink DVDs Region 2 (Europe) - Batfink DVDs Region 1 (USA) - Batfink DVDs Batfink Episodes Series 1 (1967)  1. Pink Pearl Of Persia  2. The Short Circuit Case  3. Ebenezer The Freezer  4. The Sonic Boomer  5. Big Ears Ernie  6. Batfink On The Rocks 7. Manhole Manny  8. The Mad Movie Maker  9. Nuts Of The Round Table  10. Skinny Minnie  11. Fatman Strikes Again  12. The Kitchy-Koo Kaper  13. The Dirty Sinker  14. Gluey Louie  15. Brother Goose  16. The Chocolate Covered Diamond  17. Crime College  18. Myron The Magician  19. Brain Washday  20. M P F T B R M  21. Gloves On The Go Go  22. Sporty Morty  23. Go Fly A Bat  24. Ringading Brothers  25. Out Out Darn Spot  26. Goo-Goo A Go-Go  27. Crimes In Rhymes  28. Stupidman  29. A Living Doll  30. Bat Patrol  31. Dig That Crazy Mountain  32. Spin The Batfink  33. Greasy Gus  34. The Mark Of Zero  35. Swami Salami  36. The Human Pretzel  37. Jumping Jewelry  38. Roz The Schnozz  39. Karate's Case  40. The Wishbone Boner  41. Hugo For Mayor  42. The Indian Taker  43. The Devilish Device  44. Goldstinger  45. The Shady Shadow  46. Party Marty  47. The Beep Bopper  48. The Super Trap  49. Bride And Doom  50. Topsy Turvy  51. The Rotten Rainmaker  52. Gypsy James  53. The Kooky Chameleon  54. Beanstalk Jack  55. The Time Stopper  56. The Kangarobot  57. Presto-Chango-Hugo  58. Curly The Cannonball  59. Robber Hood  60. Slow Down! Speed Up!  61. Sandman Sam  62. Yo Yo A Go Go  63. Hugo's Hoke  64. Backwards Box  65. The Great Escapo  66. Watch My Smoke  67. Daniel Boom  68. Queenie Bee  69. The Thief From Baghdad  70. The Mean Green Midget  71. Double Double Crossers  72. The Baffling Bluffs Of Hugo A Go-Go  73. Napoleon Blownapart  74. The Atom Boom  75. Magneto The Magnificent  76. Hugo The Crimefighter  77. The Trojan Horse Thief  78. The Zap Sap  79. Unhappy Birthday  80. Buster The Ruster  81. Karate's Day Off  82. Mike The Mimic  83. Cinderobber  84. Bouncey Bouncy Batfink  85. The Bomber Bird  86. The Copycat Bat  87. Old King Cruel  88. Victor The Predictor  89. Goldyunlocks And The Three Baers  90. Jerkules  91. Hugo Here, Hugo There  92. Bowl Brummel  93. Fleiderfink  94. Blankenstein  95. Whip Van Winkle  96. Tough Macduff  97. Judy Jitsu  98. Ego A-Go-Go  99. Father Time Bomb  100. Batfink - This Is Your Life Batfink Video Intro Batfink - Big Ears Ernie Batfink - Skinny Minnie and Gang Batfink - Karate Batfink - Hugo A GoGo Batfink - Manhole Manny Batfink - Mr Flick Batfink - Fatman Batfink - Ebenezer the Freezer Batfink - The Sonic Boomer Batfink - What? Batfink - A Message Comes In Batfink - Hugo A GoGo Plan's Batfink - Knock Knock Batfink - I'll Protect You Batfink - The Cave Batfink - The Chief Needs Help Batfink - Super Sonic Sonar Radar Batfink - Hugo A GoGo's Secret Base Batfink - And Relax Batfink - Captured Batfink - Off to the Rescue Batfink - Back Seat Driver Batfink - My Wings Are Like a Shield of Steel Batfink - The Batcar Batfink - Karate is All Tied Up Batfink - Pick a Card Batfink - We Win! Batfink - Trouble
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